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Corona Virus Response

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

On the 20th of March the British government ordered pubs, cafes and restaurants to close to the public in response to the corona virus pandemic. This was the beginning of more draconian measures that have seen a nation wide lock down that we are still currently experiencing as I write this. I was in the middle of filming during this time and slowly, a film that I anticipated to be about cooking began to change its form. I began to document my experiences under lock down as my original filming location at discovery catering shut its doors. After spending time in complete isolation within a small room in Canterbury, I began to feel the mental strain of the lock down measures and filming became a personal outlet for me to process my feelings . The film making processes were also, in many ways, a welcome distraction for the social turmoil that was happening outside .

After the official lock down was announced and pending, I returned to my family home in North London. I was shocked at how much my local area had changed during the pandemic and began to practice some street photography. I also started to document my families interactions within the house. My local community came together and I began to make connections with people I had not known in the past. The first day of the weekly nation wide applause for the NHS was a really important moment for me as I had not anticipated so many member of my local community to come out in support. It was very uplifting to feel the presence of so many people around me in such as way. Me and my mum along with two of my neighbors who we'd never previously met began a community food bank collection service which also gave meaning to my time spent at home aside from my coursework. My daily walks in the woodlands have also kept me sane, although I do have moments of madness which have included a questionable decision to cut my own hair.

Overall the film is very much informed by the corona virus lock down, but I endeavor for it to be a film not just about that. For me, the film reflects the erratic nature of everyday events that happen inside and outside of a global pandemic and the way in which despite these unprecedented times, we go on with living life to the best of our abilities.

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